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Music: The Ditty Bops

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So I know from the name they sound like the type of band that would play at some 5 year olds birthday party, but really the Ditty Bops are a lot more grown up. In fact if you listened to their music, they don’t even seem like they are from this era. They make music thay you would dance the charleston to or the kind of music you’d hear in a movie from the 30’s or 40’s but of course a bit more updated and a bit more edgy.

They aren’t just a band trying to copy an old style of music, they totally make it their own and they have fun with it, if you watch their videos they are far from old fashioned, My favorite video “Wishful Thinking” (that you can watch in this post btw) has the girls in lingerie punching each other out, shooting arrows and throwing knives at each other. Definitly not the kind of stuff grandma use to see. Thats what great about the Ditty Bops, you can play the music for anyone and they will think its delightful, but the girls are actually far from angelic.


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July 18, 2008 at 12:21 am

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Music: Blonde Redhead

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Blonde Redheadis one of my favorite bands of all time, but when I play them for people it’s sort of a mixed bag. They are kind of an acquired taste. Some people love the melody of the music but can’t stand the lead singer’s (Kazu Makino) voice which is admittedly very high pitched, Or in general they don’t like their unstructured style. Often compared to early Sonic Youth, Blonde Redhead is haunting, beautiful and eccentric. Their music just sounds otherwordly.

While all their albums are really great, I think the best of the best is Misery Is A Butterfly, there is probably more stable melody in this album then any of the others but there was really wasn’t a single song on there I didn’t like, if its your first time listening to Blonde Redhead I would definitly suggest listening to Misery Is A Butterfly, Elepahant Woman, Anticipation and Equus after those slowly immerse yourself in the awesomness that is Blonde Redhead. The following video is a live version of Misery Is A Butterfly

Written by erinachan

July 14, 2008 at 1:04 pm

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