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Movie: Stardust

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So when I first saw Stardust coming out in theatres for some reason I just wasnt that excited but my boyfriend was because it was based off a Neil Gaiman Novel and was a bog fan. We never ended up seeing it on the big screen but I ended up picking it up for him one day on one of my monthly trips to Blockbuster to take advantage of the 4 for 20 sale. (I love that sale seriously…) So reluctantly to be a good GF I said we could watch Stardust, and wow was I soooo stupid to think I wasn’t going to like it. Not only did I like the movie, it has seriously become of my favorite movies ever!

The story contains enough action and adventure that boys won’t whine the whole way through and definitly enough romance and girly aspects to keep the girls happy. Really it’s the best of both worlds. The movie is really extremely well acted, the cinematography is awesome and basically the story is really what makes it great. With so much crap coming out lately in Hollywood, it really nice to see that something of quality can still be created. Yeah I pick up a lot of movies at blockbuster cause its cheap entertainment but its really cool when every once in a while you find that diamond in the rough like this one.


Written by erinachan

July 18, 2008 at 12:26 pm

Movie:Kamikaze Girls

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What do you have when you get a high school self- proclaimed lolita who reluctantly befriends a teenage biker chick? Why, you get the madness that is Kamikaze Girls of course!


The movie which is based off the novel by Novala Takemto is about the clashing of two completely different worlds and the crazy antics that occur.

The whole plot is completely rediculous and hilarious but my favorite part is the cinematography. The colors are so bright, the effects are so cool, the whole film is 100% eye candy. When all is said and done you feel happy, satisfied and somewhat inspired to kick some butt!

Written by erinachan

July 10, 2008 at 1:19 pm