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Have you ever wanted a penpal but thought it would take up too much time or figure they wouldn’t write you back? Well postcrossing might be the way for you to connect with people around the world but without the commitment of having to write back and forth. Its sort of the one night stand of pen pal sites if you will… 

The way postcrossing works is that you sign up, (and its totally free btw) request up to 5 addresses at a time, send out postcards to those addresses with a little bit of info about where you are from, put the special ID number on there and you’re done!

Now don’t expect them to write you back because they won’t but you will get postcards from other people around the world at that same time.

Whats one of the coolest features about postcrossing though is you can track it all on their site. Remember that little ID number I told you you have to write on the postcard? well everyone has to do that, so when you recieve a postcard you can register that number in and they will show you a world map of every place you have sent a card and from what places you have recieved. It also opens you up give and recieve more. pretty cool huh? Now go forth and postcross!


Written by erinachan

July 10, 2008 at 10:08 pm